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Blackberry issue with Bluetooth

btcc2000 Jul 1, 2009

  1. btcc2000

    btcc2000 Member

    Just trying to setup a blackberry Pearl 8110 with a B8 A4 but the address book stays greyed out but the other functions work. I have given it plenty of time to sync but still nothing. Any idea's?
  2. funkycat

    funkycat Member

    Mmmmmmmmm.................I've got an 8100 and its synced peferfectly to the Low Phone in my B8. I was caught out by having my work mobile bluetooth on while syncing my personal blackberry, so always make sure if I have both handsets in the car, only the one I want to use has bluetooth activated. tend to have work phone all week days, switch off eve/wkend, and use Blackberry Pearl.

    Dunno if that helps, but can confirm the Pearl "talks to" the Low Phone!
  3. Ricvifarho

    Ricvifarho Rattle and squeak detector

    I had a problem with my 8100 Pearl that would not sync address book etc with the Low Phone kit in my A4 B8. I upgraded the 8100 software to the 2009 version from the Blackberry website (took an hour but worked fine!) and it all synced OK after that.

    When I upgraded the phone to an 8110 recently that worked straight out of the box.
    Good luck!
  4. Audi-do

    Audi-do New Member

    Hi! Are you still having problems with this? I think I can help....

    I've just picked up my A4 and was having exactly the same problem with my Blackberry. It seems that this occurs when you have a lot of calls in your blackberry call log. Try clearing your outgoing, received and missed call lists.

    This worked for me and the phone book is now available every time. I guess it's just a case of clearing the call log now and again to maintain

    Hope that is of some assistance!

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