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black smoke, intake manifold + turbo actuator probs - any help please?

edmanning Jul 30, 2005

  1. edmanning

    edmanning Member

    hi all

    i have a largish mileage (186k) 96 a4 avant 1.9tdi.
    i have a power problem that i was advised was my turbo actuator + i'm getting a fair amount of black smoke when i put my foot down.

    the actuator problem was suggested when i had the ecu re-mapped. the firm that mapped it were very disappointed as the result showed no or very little gains. they actually said that the car should be quicker as standard. this prompted them doing a few checks (in their time which i thought was good of them...) the turbo checked out fine but on removing the actuator they saw that the bar was floppy and suggested it should have pressure. is this correct as i have no clue?
    i expected to see this fault show on a vag-com scan but nothing..... would it show on vag-com if faulty? i do not want to replace it unless it needs to be.

    the 2 faults that did show on the scan were.....

    00575 intake manifold pressure.
    17-10 control difference intermittent

    01265 exhaust gas recirculation valve
    31-10 open or short to ground intermittent

    can anyone offer any advise as to how best to fix these faults. does either of these relate to the black smoke that i get or is this just because it's a diesel with high miles?
    could the intake manifold relate to the power problem or was the man on the money with the actuator suggestion?
    just to take something out of the running, i've had a recent new air flow meter as i know these are a common cause for power loss but in this case it was fine.
    any help or suggestions appreciated.

  2. maxiking

    maxiking New Member

    Hi! I've had exactly the same problem that I've been trying to solve for 2 years! I have a high milage audi 80 tdi. All it was, was the inlet manifold and pipes to it were so blocked up with "crud" it was unbelievable. I have now cleaned them and the problem is gone!
  3. is there much to cleaning inlet manifold and pipes?
    could u give us a quick run down on whats involved?

    i def wanna check this out

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