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Black Grill for facelift model 2009

ducks1978 Aug 23, 2010

  1. ducks1978

    ducks1978 Member


    Is there a variant on the black grills on the facelift. i.e. Is there a standard black grill and a s-line in black. I have difficulty finding one and found one the other day on ebay.de but it was not S-line.

    The dealers want 269.00 for this and cant beleive the s3 is only 140 quid!

    Has anyone got one that they are willing to sell.

    Spoke to a few companies and they said they are releasing one in a couple of weeks but dont think that is true as the model has been out for a while and most of them tell me that the old one will fit my car but I know it defo wont.

    Can any of you amazing people help?

    I considered getting the grey and chrome wrapped but it is a very intrical job.

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