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Black grill fitment?

dawson88 Jul 19, 2009

  1. dawson88

    dawson88 New Member

    I'm after a OEM black grill for my car which is the split grill type, but can't find one anywhere at all! I would vinyl it like other people have on the forum, but I'm no good at DIY, and when I took it to the bodyshop, they said the paint would just flake off within a week or two. I can only find a black grill available for the Audi A4, there is a honey comb style one on ebay, and to be honest they look exactly the same as the A3 grill, now this may sound like a stupid question, but does anyone know if it will fit an A3?
    Two links below to the items.


    Any help would be appreciated, or if anyone knows of a company that supplies the grill for an A3. Thanks in advance.
  2. 10blazin


    i think your best driving up to one parked up somewhere and just check the grills out .... im not sure about it fitting because its an a4 grill and this is the a3 forum someone may of done it but i havent heard anyone doing it so far
  3. Ash B

    Ash B Well-Known Member


    Not too sure if it will fit due to the fact the A4 my be a bit bigger in width.
    Awesome Gti sell one for the A3 cost a bit mind http://www.awesome-gti.co.uk/
    I know you said your not good at DIY but its only a wrap mate. If it goes wrong peel it off and try again. Its not going to damage the grill if any thing protect it from stone chips! Or as blazin said if you know some one measure there grill and mesaure yours, then just compare it! Or you could try the one on ebay as its only cheap if it dont fit sell it on or you have to lie to the ebay seller and say it wont fit your A4!
    Hope that helps

  4. dawson88

    dawson88 New Member

    ok cheers for your help guys. I did see that grill on there a while ago, its nice, but I'm not paying £200 odd for a grill which costs them £20 to make! lol. Ill probly try wrapping it myself when I have time, like you said Ashley, if it goes wrong I can always peel it off again! Thanks again.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2009

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