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Black Edition Boot Space

silicon Jun 1, 2012

  1. silicon

    silicon New Member

    Hi all,

    Im considering the very nice looking a1 as a replacement to my aging a3.

    I want the new sportback but this doesn't come in the black edition trim. So I have to spec up an s-line which is pretty expensive compared to me getting a 3 door black edition. (about £2,500 vs £1,100). So lets say I want to save money and go for the 3 door black edition. Problem is, I have dogs and they will not fit in the boot with the BOSE system......

    So, I can't order the 3 door black edition (£1,100 extra) without BOSE so I am forced to spec up an sline on either the 3 or 5 door.

    This sounds a little crazy to me (and very expensive)!? Is there any way around this issue that you can think of????

    Thanks in advance all!
  2. ROO81

    ROO81 New Member

    I have a BE. In IMO look elsewhere if you have dogs
  3. Spider

    Spider Member

    The boot in the A1 is tiny
    The BE comes with ass that has a sub in the tyre well
    So you can still lower the boot floor

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