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Black Edition Alloys....

rob_candler123 Feb 22, 2011

  1. Hi all..

    Got a 1.8T Black Edition in Ibis white on the way, due first couple of days of March. Been reading the black edition thread since i ordered the car. I really like the new Black Edition wheels but im intrigued to know what they would look like in a gloss black..

    Does anyone have any pictures or could possibly do a photoshop as this could be my first mod when i get the car?

  2. Virdee

    Virdee Active Member

    There are pics on here of a sprint blue one with th be wheels done in gloss black.

    Looks good IMO
  3. Diamond

    Diamond Member

    This what you looking for.

  4. Thanks for the info guys, this is kind of half way there.. I like the look of these but i was wondering if there was any pics of the whole alloy in gloss black including the outer rim of the alloy aswell?

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