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Black Dog

killfame Jan 4, 2018

  1. hydro s3

    hydro s3 S3 amk Team Ming Blue Audi S3

    That is total dedication.
    Only crashed a few days ago and its already nearly back on the road.
  2. killfame

    killfame Active Member

    It happend last Friday, yes.
  3. Stuart B

    Stuart B Well-Known Member

    How does a wheel like that be fixed?
  4. killfame

    killfame Active Member

    Nothing is impossible.
  5. killfame

    killfame Active Member

    Couple of things happened during the past week. I have no idea from where to start... It never stops...
    Well, last Friday the car was ready to go and as i mentioned I already took it back home. Since then the car left the Garage only once for 30 minutes test run around the town in Saturday, she been static in the Garage... Few good and bad things happend since then.
    Last two days i was busy fixing my Passenger Seat.. because backrest stuck push forward. Something happened last time i push it from the button to fit my bumper in. I suspect the button once again, because i already had journey problem with my Pass/Seat Rise-Up button before. Anyways, with many divination together with my Dad from where the problem possibly comes, we end up breaking the seat a part. All that was unnecessary, of course. The problem came from the main bundle of cables which was tightly fitted from the factory behind the seat on the fold of the seat ... Of which bundle, main victims were plus and minus. We fix that, all worked back again.
    Today was the big day and not exactly, i received call.. the Bumper was readyy :hubbahubba:the Wheel as well. Mounting everything back in its place was true pleasure!
    Putting the seat back in its place was pain in the ass, mate of mine became Crazy with me and my seat, helping me. :friends:
    After all was fitted, we end up turning the key, and new problem happily arrived... The car choked from the richness (No Tune, still...) after couple of unsuccessful attempts, we decide to unplug the Injectors to dry the Spark Plugs.. that was unsuccessful too. So we push out the Coils to check the Spark Plugs and eventually to dry and clean them from the fuel. Brand new plugs were 'BLACK' and 'WET' enough.. Anyways, the car finally Fired Up without hesitation as she always do. I push her out from the Garage in the courtyard and the next one arrived... I turn off the key and tried to Start her again and my Starter died... And to cover everything, after we end up firing her by gear, my Oil Level Sensor start making anomalies. OLS was the first thing i changed when i bought the car in December 2015...Seems like Euro Car Parts "parts" does not last long. I was just shocked!:wtf::scared2: I take her around the Town for around two hours, whilst i was praying no to die on me, somewhere... I returned back home and my alternator sign and abs sensor lighted up :sob: Also my right front tire has couple of degrees negative camber too, looks like something is not okay, i hope aligment would fix that. :sorry::sos:

    I don't know what to do and think anymore.. I'm just 22, and already a lot of money, effort, nervous and time has been invested in this piece of metal..
    I'm ashamed of myself, engaging my friends picking me up from my home the whole time...And helping me, sorting this thing...

    "Big" day tomorrow, i'm gonna visit my mechanic again. If, she starts up..

    Enough mumbling, here's the secret surprise. Enjoy!
  6. IanPG

    IanPG Well-Known Member Silver Supporter Team Nogaro Blue Audi S3

    Nice ventilation on the bumper!!!

    Sounds to me like flat battery. All sorts of weird things start to be triggered when the battery goes flat.

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