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BKD Clutch alignment tool

evilbane Mar 6, 2013

  1. evilbane

    evilbane Member VCDS Map User

    I am going to be changing my clutch over the next few months (clutch makes a very loud squeeling sound when releasing the clutch on start off) and I have been looking for a clutch alignment tool everywhere.

    All I can seem to find are universal ones which I dont trust that much, can anyone here point me in the right direction for one?
  2. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    Universal is your best bet.
    I know Toyota dont release a specific tool for every clutch, its just not viable or needed. Cant see Audi would either.
    I dont even use universal ones, deep socket that fits flywheel / plate and a 3/8" short extension and a pair of eyes. Every now and then you will get a plastic stick type aligner with a clutch, but not often.

    Theres nothing to trust...you will either align it, or you wont. If the box wont go on, its not aligned. Try again. Universal ones work, generally they go through the splines, and spread out when done up, which hold the friction plate to the pressure plate. But you still need to make sure friction plate is centered on pressure plate.

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