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Bits for sale :-(

sparki Apr 3, 2011

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  1. sparki

    sparki I <3 bass

    I have an almost new, Audison SRx2S amplifier for sale. This is the new black/silver metal version, not the older blue plastic version. pristine condition as been housed under boot floor.

    It is the most complete and refined stereo amplifier in its class in terms of signal treatment. The crossover section features an independent, fully adjustable crossover section which can be by-passed when external processors are used. When used in bridged mono configuration, an astonishing overall power of 640 W is produced. Adding the SRx 2S to a factory OEM system can be easily accomplished using the provided Speaker-In hi-level inputs.

    OUTPUT POWER (RMS) @ 14.4 VDC, THD 1%:
    • 2 Ch 200 W x 2 (4&#937;)
    • 2 Ch 320 W x 2 (2&#937;)
    • 1 Ch 640 W x 1 (4&#937;)
    Distortion - THD (1 kHz@4&#937;): 0.04 %
    Bandwidth (-3 dB): 5 ÷ 50k Hz
    S/N ratio (A weighted@1 V): 104 dB
    Damping factor (1 kHz@4&#937;): 300
    Pre-In sensitivity: 0.3 ÷ 5 V
    Speaker-In sensitivity: 1 ÷ 15 V
    Pre-In impedance: 15 k&#937;
    Speaker-In impedance: 100 &#937;
    Load impedance (MIN):
    • 2 Ch 2 &#937;
    • 1 Ch 4 &#937;


    Also for sale Hertz Hi Energy HX300D

    The HX subwoofers were designed to reproduce the very lowest octaves of the audio spectrum with precision, impact and power. Groundbreaking technologies in every detail: V-cone, forced ventilation system, low-resonance basket and ultra-efficient motor assembly. The Hi-Energy subwoofer range features dual coil models to increase the flexibility of your subwoofer system design. This will allow you to manage the different connectivity solutions and the number of subwoofers in a particular design in order to make the most of the amplifier power delivery characteristics. Dual voice coil, i.e.: double the power, double the efficiency, with even smaller boxes. The best solution to all your needs; low frequency output and control that will meet your most enthusiastic expectations.


    Also for sale...

    Full set of BBS RS 710's just been refurbished at the cost of £300 quid, diamond cut and polished fantastic finish!

    18 x 8.5j 5x112 et32 no tyres amazing alloys never seen another set on a car.


    No time wasters, PM for prices, don't want to sell but I have too. Cars going too, more to appear.
  2. roston100

    roston100 Member

    there is a for sale forum at the top of the page mate!
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