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Bit strange,any ideas appreciated

BazRSV Feb 10, 2014

  1. BazRSV

    BazRSV New Member

    Got a full service and the cam belt and water pump etc changed on Friday.
    hefty enough bill but needs must.

    Now on my way to work today,fifty miles each way.
    all seemed fine,car was nice an sweet an running smooth.
    untill I came to the usual hill start out of a junction after about forty five miles so nice and warm
    when I pulled out and onto the level road I put the foot down a bit in third and the clutch slipped a bit,Into fourth and a bit of slip again.
    all the way home I put it under some decent loads in the higher gears but no slip whatsoever
    i wouldn't think the work done has any bearing on this at all as the guys were well decent an know their stuff
    If the clutch is going would it not have continued to slip??
    Just turned 81000 miles
    a4 2.0 tdi avant
  2. GGB_8PTDI140

    GGB_8PTDI140 Audi modder

    If it's just started it will only be noticeable really in third but once worn well you should get it in the other years too, I'm afraid it sounds like bad timing but a service and cambelt wouldn't have any effect on it.
  3. BazRSV

    BazRSV New Member

    Cheers mate,
    Aye I was sure the work had nothing to do with it.
    Pity it never started last week or would have had it done at same time.
    Warranty are bound to say wear an tear so just have to suck it up an pay another hefty bill.
    Least with all the big jobs done I'll be in a good position for a remap as well :) silver lining an all that
  4. dubdemand

    dubdemand VAG Addict

    What's the reason for it only becoming noticeable in 3rd gear? I only ask as I have another car with a different problem but that only shows up in 3rd gear (or 4th at triple figures as I discovered the other day lol).

    OP I think this is just a massive coincidence... our Avant is on 105k and is still on the original clutch but I suppose both cars may have lead very different lives!
  5. BazRSV

    BazRSV New Member

    Put the car in for a new clutch and dmf and at the same time got the fork etc changed.
    Car feels much better now and seems to pull better in the higher gears.
    1050 quid all supplied and fitted
    Top job by north east motors near Aberdeen
    Will defo be using them guys again
  6. AshA4

    AshA4 Ash

    Is the car not over 3 years?
    As Audi charge £750 for new clutch, or £929 Quattro.

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