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bit of help with wheels and re-map....

jarvis**turbo** Sep 23, 2007

  1. jarvis**turbo**

    jarvis**turbo** Member

    firstly, im looking into geting some new rims for my s3.was going to go euro but decided to go with summin bit more suttle.i want some s4 b7 18" wheels and i was going to lower it 30mm.think this would make it look better and keep it looking smart.(i think i will need adpators with these wheels wont i?)there use to be a silver s3 with these wheels on painted black and black grill and mirrors.does any1 know where i can find these pictures as i cant find them on here.im shore ul kno the car i mean!also im after a map.i just had a revo trial and i loved it (until it run out:mad: i liked the aggressive power delivery.wot other tuners can offer a similar map with similar power delivery?thanks
  2. DPM

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    We can offer custom remaps and basically give you the power delivery how ever you want it. You will need adaptors as your new wheels will be 5/112.

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