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Bit of help please!

FazS3 Mar 28, 2009

  1. FazS3

    FazS3 Member

    Hi lads,

    I need the code the enables the 'beep' sound when you lock the car.

    Also is it possible anyone can tell me how to enable it, what menus you have to go through etc using vagcom

    Thanks Lads

  2. S£

    S£ Member

    You might get more luck in the vag-com threads section (if you haven't already) have you checked the ross-tech web site they have a full online manual.
  3. Autograph Baz

    Autograph Baz Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    46 - Central Convenience: -- KWP1281Only on vehicles with power windows. VAG-COM fine. There are numerous options/ features that can be set.
    Selective Unlocking:
    [46 - Cent. Conv.] (35 - Cent. Locking for manual window cars)
    [Recode - 07]

    Write down the existing coding for future reference.
    Enter 5-digit code from below
    [Do It!]

    Look at the existing Soft. Coding. If you have selective unlocking (press the unlock button on the remote once to open the driver's door, twice to open all the doors) the last digit of your coding should be an even number. To make all doors unlock, add 1 to the coding.
    So, if you have a 2-door 2002 GTI that is coded for selective unlocking (00064) add one to make it 00065 so that all doors unlock with one press of the unlock button.
    Lock/Unlock Horn/Flash:
    [46 - Cent. Conv.]
    (35 - Cent. Locking for manual window cars)
    [Adaptation - 10]
    Channel (03..08)
    Adaptation Value (1 = on, 0 = off)

    Channel 03 Auto Lock
    Channel 04 Auto Unlock
    Channel 05 Unlock, horn sounds
    Channel 06 Lock, horn sounds
    Channel 07 Unlock, turn signals flash
    Channel 08 Lock, turn signals flash

    Taken from Ross-Tech Website.
  4. abdus

    abdus Top Gear VCDS Map User


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