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Bit of help needed on the 225 4wd please !!!!!

L3WJX Mar 26, 2011

  1. L3WJX

    L3WJX Member

    There is a few little things I wanan get fixed on my car one of then is I get 2 lights come up most days ABS and Traction control code is 01279 Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor (G251) 27-10 Implausible Signal intermittent,
    This code has only ever come up once then i reset and has never come back up,but the lights still come back on till the car has been turned off and then back on,any help would be great i have read through a few posts but allot of people have alllot of diff answers.
  2. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum

    Have you replaced the longitudinal acceleration sensor? It's about £110 dealer only part unless you can get one from a scrapper.
  3. L3WJX

    L3WJX Member

    Have not changed that part ye as the code has never come back on vag-com i new the price was quite high so i did not jus wanna go and change it if that is not the problem ?

    Surley if the lights kept coming back up it should store the code in the abd but nothing :S

    If any body eles has had this problem let me no :)
  4. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    That is the problem, you can see what the sensors reading when stationary, if its reading a silly number the its goosed, should be +/-0.5ms.

    I'd check the wiring and plugs to it first. I discovered on my car that it was in fact behind the glovebox and the lateral one is behind steering column, id been told the other way round. I found out by unplugging one and seeing which reading on vagcom went blank.
  5. bazil

    bazil BOOM BOOM

    I'm having the very same issue with mine, i only have a cheap ebay code reader and the only code that came up on the abs was 01279, the booklet with the reader did'nt have this code listed so searching on here brought me to this thread,

    This is a huge concern to me as the other day i had NO fault lights on the dash and had to brake hard to avoid a child running into the road, my abs kicked in then totaly failed leaving me with a solid foot pedal and NO braking effort then the abs cut in then back out.

    after i had collected my thoughts after missing the kid i pulled the ABS fuse but im none the wiser to the fault that caused this to happen

    can anyone help?


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