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Bit of a wierd one....

warleydaddy Aug 27, 2009

  1. warleydaddy

    warleydaddy Member

    Had abit of a hesitation about 2900/3200rpm for weeks now... So today,ive had a root round to see if i could see anything obvious.... But,alas,NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!

    Ive took off my Forge re-circ,and striped it down,and gave it a clean (was a minimal amout of oil in it),and put it back on...But the spring didnt have the greatest amout of pressure in it.. Is this how they are ment to be?? Its only 8 months old.... Also had a look round all the hoses,NOTHING!!!!! ONLY prob i can see was with the hose that goes in to the bottom of the airbox.. Not the worlds greatest conection,think its been butcherd before.. But ive manage to get a much tighter seal there now.... 1 thing i did notice,was that the N75 valve,was very clicky.. Is that how there ment to be??

    So driving home,i turned on my Race Diagnostics Liquid gauge,to see if i could get any more ideas out of that... I know when i had it maped (John at DNA),ive seen 256/258bhp showing on the gauge,now its boosting to 18.7psi,and only reading 239bhp MAX!!!!! So theres got to be a problem somewhere... Ive had a new N75 valve,Bosch MAF,and serviced it about 4k miles ago....

    Any ideas whos opend the gate to let my horses out,and why ive got this slight hesitation around the 3k rpm mark?? REALLY doin me fooookin head in now.... Just another quicky,what plug gaps do you run,and on what plugs??

    Ohhhhhhhhh,and another quick thing,ive run the diagnostics on the Liquid gauge,AND pluged my mates Vag Com in,and both come up with no faults....

    So fire some sujestions at me boys and girls....

  2. Dani_B19

    Dani_B19 Audi-sports own special child.

    Boost leak, have you checked all possible hoses, under the inlet manifold etc?
  3. jim s3

    jim s3 Member

    fuel filter have you changed it
  4. s3gav

    s3gav Member

    i had a simular problem turned out to be number 3 coil pack lifting ive wedged it down for now and the problem has gone?
  5. g60smit

    g60smit New Member

    hello pete, did you get to the bottom of this at all? I have exactly the same problem, and changed everything you have and still ferkin hesitating! aaarrrggghhhh. your findings would be highly appreciated! cheers

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