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Bit of a Joke Now

M88UES Nov 11, 2012

  1. M88UES

    M88UES Theres Never Enough Power

    My Story
    Really unsure what to do... had my car in audi about 8months ago for injector recall and timing belt etc done.
    Soon as i got it back it was jittery on idle so had it back in audi 3-4 times because it was never the same. they did something to the ECU according to Audi and it did run a little smoother for a month or so.

    But now its back. I dont know if its anything to do with the cold. But could really do with some advice on what to do. Coming to the point now where im thinking of just getting rid of it.
    Hard starting - ESP Fault on dash every start then goes off
    Jittery at idle
    Idles just under 1000 but after a bit of a drive it sits at just over 1000 or on 1000 which is concerning me a lot. but if i turn the car off and start it up again it resets back to idling under 1000 again!

    My main concern is i cant afford to keep it in garages for week after week till they find out the problem! Maybe i should try a specialist instead of AUDI.

    Any Advice would be very helpful
    its a A3 170 - 80K miles
  2. MartayMcFly

    MartayMcFly Booooooost VCDS Map User Gold Supporter

    If it's been ongoing since Audi was in amongst the engine, Audi should sort it at their own expense. Sadly don't see them agreeing to that 8 months later, but it's also pretty bad that they can't sort it after 4 attempts.

    Pretty sure fast idle is an ECU matter.
  3. M88UES

    M88UES Theres Never Enough Power

    Yeah i know but the problem is it was sorted when i first got it back. but after a month or so it seemed to get back to the way it was. i dont know what exactly's been done because i cant think how it can go back to that. still does not expalin the other symptoms though. and how it can started sticking above 1K when idling and then turn it off back to normal under 1K idling. really tempted just to sell it now! Especially if its going to cost a lot to sort
  4. max69vk

    max69vk Active Member

    Contact Audi Uk directly & talk to them about it. My issues with the same thing are still going on since April & they can't do enough to try & fix it.
  5. M88UES

    M88UES Theres Never Enough Power

    Il have to give it a go and see what they say. Are you having the same problems Max69vk? any idea what it is with yours.

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