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Bit lost now

Nick090884 May 10, 2014

  1. Nick090884

    Nick090884 Member

    Hi ya guys just after some of your wisdom. Over the last few months I've had a blowing manifold and nasty smell and some rough idle issues. I've replaced the breather pipe and a few others and changed the manifold and both gaskets. I've also changed both rocker gaskets too due to losing oil down the back of the engine.

    My issues are now after 50 miles of smiles. Smoke from exhaust smells still there after fixing the manifold and rough ldle has come back.

    My ideas rough idle may be due to a pipe split further down pcv. And smoke I'm hoping is due to cleaning the block mating face. But what your experience or diagnosis. I've spent a fair bit lately and didn't want to keep throwing money at it if there's a bigger underlying issue.

    Cheers peeps


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