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Bird poo stains on my S3

S3Daz Sep 15, 2007

  1. S3Daz

    S3Daz New Member

    So yesterday when returning to my car after work I found some bird poo down the side of my car, so straight away I pulled out some Quik Detailer and cleaned it off, but the area where the poo was seem to have a matt finish to it:scared2:

    So as soon as I got home I washed the area and then had to use Scratch X to have any effect on it, after some hard hand polishing the gloss finish was return but if you look closely you could see some etching.

    I've seen people on here complaining about this on Audi paint but didn't know how bad it really looked, kind of puts me off buying another Audi, my black corrolla I had before you could leave bird poo on for several days and it didn't effect the paint.

    The bit I really don't understand is that last night I had a lovely gloss finish to the area that you had to look hard at to see the etching but when I check my car again today after work the area had gone matt again:sadlike: . It was like polishing it out last night was just a dream!

    So does any one have a theory on what is going on here? Was it that my car has been in brightly sunlight all day and the heat has effected it (it's Moro blue so gets quite hot)?

    Is the etching in the clear coat or is something from the bird poo sitting underneath it on top of the colour coat and the heat has cause it to leach back into the clear coat turning it matt again?

    Do Audi really care about this issue or are they only interested in grabing your money and running?:moa:

    (Reposted here as the detailing forum seems a bit slow!)
  2. jasaudi

    jasaudi Member

    I have a Moro blue A3 as well and you need to be really quick to get the poo off or sadly it does mark the laquer and seems to take no time at all sadly :motz:

    However, the good news is that a layer or two of really good wax on the car seems to reduce this eventuality a lot - I use Dodo or Colinite
  3. HeliChris

    HeliChris Learning to fly 3D

    My painter does not polish the etching, he heats the paint and re floats it. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I don't think it would be possible. All he did was put the drying lamps on my bonnet and the etching slowly disapered... no polishing. He also menthoned the audi paint seem very soft and non resistant to bird poo, the week before he did the same trick to a Q7 which was far worse than my A3.

  4. Deanphoto

    Deanphoto fell down the stairs :(

    I reckon this will happen with any new cars these days, as manufacturars have to use water-based paints rather than older style paints, as they were bad for then environment??
  5. rich1068

    rich1068 Member

    I'd be tempted to try Megs Deep Cystal 1 & 2 then top off with something like Collinite 476. Don't rub to hard though, you'll haze it.
  6. S3Daz

    S3Daz New Member

    Sounds good, though you shouldn't have to take it to a proffesional every time a bird takes a hit at your car, that would become a but pricey, unless Audi were willing to pay for it:laugh:
  7. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    What are the birds eating where you live? I've often had bird poo on mine (due to trees close to the car park at work) and it comes off easily with no marking. Wierd!!
  8. mcmasman

    mcmasman Member

    Yea no kidding ... bird poo are so random these days. Sometimes you get some which does no demage, even if you left it for days. Some are like chemical warfare, 1 hr under the sun and you have a stain. The bird must have been sniffing around nuclear waste. :sadlike:
  9. S3Daz

    S3Daz New Member

    Don't know but there was some weird colours in it! Your car being silver is probably less likely to show it up, I think after this car I'm going to go for something light coloured sound easier to keep in good condition.
  10. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    S3 Daz ivae had exactl the same thing happen to me a few times, olish a stain like crazy get it to a point where you think yeh thats ok hardly see it - then next day ist kind of come back.... recently ive found that leaving the poo stains for a few days after cleaning off often results in the stain disappearing all by itself (see my other post about self-healing paint approx a month ago) so this is my suggestion to all A3 owners. Clean bird muck off and if stain is left dont be tempted to polish right away, leave it a few days, sometimes its almost like the paint kinda settles itself down and goes back to normal (i know it sounds daft but i had had it happen in front of my own eyes on more than one occasion) after a coupel of days if there is still a mark then try rubbing it with a little piece of wet 3000 grit sandpaper (can get a couple of shets of ebay for a couple of quid) then scratch X it, in most cases this will remove the stain. But bear in mind you are removing a small layer of paint by doing this, so keep a good memory on where you have used this treatment although the chance of bird muck hitting the exact same 2cm patch of paint is almosy negligible to be honest.

    Hope that helps!

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