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Bird droppings/paintwork

steve184 Oct 31, 2005

  1. simonl

    simonl Member

    If it happened to every other make of car out there, then fair enough. But it doesn't.
  2. cosmicblue

    cosmicblue Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    If it happened to every other make of car out there, then fair enough. But it doesn't.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Ah but you see it does - certain kinds of bird **** (depending what kind of stuff the blighters have been eating) is exceedingly corrosive.

    Most modern cars actually have a two-pack paint finish, the 'colour' actually has a matt finish which is then covered with a 'clear', shiny top coat. The enviromental legislation/pressure groups outlawed the resilient cellulose based paints and replaced them with water based compounds. Yep, I said water!

    The Water based compounds have two notable characteristics:

    1) They dry very hard (and chip easily)

    2) They seem more vulnerable to atmospheric borne pollutants (bird based and otherwise)

    So if you ever wondered why your car's paint is more delicate than it used to be - now you know.

    The rule with bird **** is get the stuff off as quick as you can, fancy polish won't protect the finish for long (if at all).
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

  4. d3fy

    d3fy Active Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    "If a bird crapped on your head, you wouldn't expect it to eat into your skin and scar you for life!!! "

    Maybe it would if you left it there for 48 hours!

    Fact is Audi won't even concede that there is a design flaw in the Concert radio (the well publicised volume memory problem) as they'd have to replace 1,000's of radio's FOC. This is a problem that has been scientifically proved to be a design flaw.
    The case is the same for the bird ****, they'll never admit it as it'll open the floodgates to everyone with a slight blemish on their paintwork i.e. pretty much every Audi owner I imagine, and this is for a problem that would be difficult to prove as bird **** is not generic.
    If you wax your car they'll blame it on the wax reacting with the paintwork with the **** as a catalyst. Maybe that is the problem, certain waxes may actually make it worse - I guess we'll never know.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Thats because they are **** and have no concept of brand damage and customer care, Lexus had a known design flaw with all the CD changers in the IS cars, any one who reported the problem got the stereo replaced, even years later when they are resold under the Lexus used car warranty, they replace them, same for the shitty alloys that fall to bits after a month in blighty.....
  5. cdb2

    cdb2 Member

    Surprise!!!!!! Surprise!!!!!!

    Autoexpress today had a large article about someone with paint problems on a new car - you guessed it, a black VAG car!!!!!!!!! This time a Skoda! From the articles recently, seems prevalent amongst VAG cars????

    Quickly read the article in the shop.......

    A lady had peeling paint on the bonnet of her metallic black Skoda. Independant inspection said it was bird poo damage. Black cars retain more heat and this coupled with metallics being not as strong was the root of the damage.

    Usual line of 'bird poo is corrosive and must be removed'.

    You'll need to employee a posse of hood rats to sit by your car each time you leave it and watch it for droppings and remove it there and then!

    Skoda paid half the cost of respray, though it all sounded complicated as it mentioned a trade in - can't remember if she traded it in???

    This paint stuff and the **** about having to pay for some 'warranty work' as highlighted in another thread really does diminish your faith in the brand and question brand loyalty.

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