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Bilstein B14 S3

FünfVauTurbo Feb 21, 2013

  1. FünfVauTurbo

    FünfVauTurbo New Member

    Hello! I'm probably going to buy the Bilstein B14 for my S3 8l but i'm not sure about the stance. I need Pictures of S3's which mounted this Bilstein B14, if possible with 19" Rims on it. I've heard that you can't go deep enough with it but i can't find some pics... Thanks for any help! :)
  2. IanPG

    IanPG Well-Known Member Team Nogaro Blue Silver Supporter Audi S3

    quick question with these. i've read lowering is 30-50 mm drop but just want to know how easy is it to adjust the rears?

    can you do it with the assemblies in place or is a a complete wheel off, springs & shocks off job???

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