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bike stickers.

boggysv Dec 25, 2009

  1. boggysv

    boggysv Member

    Quick rant & rave.

    Some of you might recall that I'm getting a bike, so it's arrived, and I'm painfully breaking it in slowly.

    It was supposed to look like this

    Which imho...would be banging if I were 17 years old again, but the lion thing they have going on reminds me too much of Proton's logo. For those not in the know, Proton is a Malaysian car company, and I am not a fan of their cars.


    So, I had my bike de-stickered mostly, and it now looks like this :yahoo:
    And imho...it looks much better now.

    yes yes, i know the gear lever/pedal is broken

    So, the rant is, why cant bike manufacturers just offer their bikes in simple graphics?!! Save the design, labor, and sticker cost and just make the bike cheaper for fark's sake!! I do not want a thundercat sticker on my bike, it might be super cool if I was trying to pick up 18 year old girls though.
  2. Keeno

    Keeno Spooly Spooly Boosty Boosty!

    I think I prefer it with the vinyl, but that's besides the point!

    I agree, stickers should be on the options sheet. You don't see VW churning out endless blue Golfs. You get a choice!
    Also, don't a lot of car manufacturers now give the option of having the rear badges removed at the factory as well? Same thing as bike stickers surely...

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