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bike rack for S3's - with pics

S90GAV Apr 24, 2010

  1. damo.h

    damo.h DVLA Say it's Black

    Used to have a powder coat blue bullet till i snapped it in half doin a road gap then bought the V10 what a machine.. well advise going for one if you can dude they are awesome.... Sadly she had to go to help pay for a damp proof on a house i renovated last yr... what a waste imo it was a sad sad day:bye:
    my old bullet = http://s845.photobucket.com/albums/ab18/s3-damo/?action=view&current=DSCF0090.flv

    get my hands on a V10 or a driver 8 soon, i love my Blur LT tho its a awesome all rounder, i started XC racing a few weeks ago, 90% were on hard tails i turned up on my all mountain and came 3rd in my class haha[/QUOTE]
  2. JD09

    JD09 I'm not modding, I'm improving VCDS Map User

    Starting to worry me now Tim. Been following me since an early age eh ;)
  3. mattyboy199

    mattyboy199 Well-Known Member

    I was just using that as an example NC-17 do the same pedal for £70 what a joke
  4. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    yes mate :) since im now 30 I was able to track your growth all the way from conception ;)
  5. fingermouse

    fingermouse thats me

    no probs just pointing out to try and save you some money. A guy at work has already got a set from them and says they are spot on. So many copies about on flea bay

    Can`t believe the price range for the same parts at online stores

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