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Biiiig trouble, new engine for an A8 4.2 abz?

bezon Aug 29, 2006

  1. bezon

    bezon New Member

    Hi. I drive (drove as it turns out) an A8 4.2 1997, ive had some real issues over a time span of 2 years.
    It started with some oil in my cooling liquid tank, and i turned the car in to
    the mechanic, he changed the Oilcooler, well after 6 months my AC died again, cause oil was still leaking into my cooling system. Turned to the mechanic again, he checked the engine top this time and changed the gasket (im not native english so im just trying to find the right words for some parts).
    And well, suffice to say, there was nothing wrong with that either, still leaking engine oil into my cooling system. Apparently there might be a crack in my block, so now the the newest and finest mechanic tells me to start looking around for a new engine, well thats were im at, trying to find some if any information as to how i go about finding one.
    I dont know were to start, so i though this neat forum might hold someone with information about how one would go about, germany would be a great place to start since i live in sweden, maybe a crashed car lot or similar.
    Anyways im lost in the woods :) And i would be very happy for any small clues you guys can provide. Otherwise my only choice would be to again pay for a new pump for the AC (dont know the part name in english), since its clogged once again, and then try to sell the car lightningfast (cause it usually clogs in 3-4 months), but the car is in great condition otherwise and i really want a new engine (i mean a new Used engine), cause im in love with the car, even though ive spent a small fortune on it over 2 years while trying to find the problem :) Thanks in advance, Patrik :bye:
  2. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    it could just be a leaky head gasket have you opened the engine? taken the heads off? if it is just this it could be relatively cheap to fix with new gaskets.. if it is cracked block you could still use your original heads, there are a lot of options first thing is find out the problem, this will mean taking the car off road for a while but it will be far cheaper than buying a whole new engine (probably 4000euros + fitting)
  3. GeorgieMcC

    GeorgieMcC Member


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