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bigger turbo options

20vtdaz May 8, 2007

  1. 20vtdaz

    20vtdaz Member

    hi guys ive recently had my car remapped and although im happy i was wondering what other options i have for a bolt on turbo, im not after stupid power just want a little more kick than i have, any ideas?? daz
  2. simch

    simch Active Member

    Have asearch around on here, there was an identical thread only a few days ago!

    Various garrett turbos, IHI conversions even some TD05 turbo conversions out there now.
    It depends what power you are after, and what your budget is, and if you have any mods so far on your car.
    For a typical BT converison on a stock car, reckon on £5k - 6k! Of course, c.£1000 will be exhaust and to get the best a FMIC will be another £800 of that.
    So around £4k is the minimum if you already have these things or can do without.
    IHI vf34, garrett gt28rs, (disco potato) and mitsubishi TD05 turbos are optons, tuners you can look at will include(but not a full list) Jabbasport for the IHI, JBS for IHI and garret options, Awesome for eliminatior garretts, Backdraft motorsport/TT shop for another GT2860 disco potato converison and MTM / QST for their various turbos! Some or all of these have begun to develop other BT options, eg Jabba looking at garret hybrids and have done some TD05 options, but generally their "specialties" are as mentioned.

    Happy hunting

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