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bigger downpipe and decat options

jordcoe Jan 13, 2013

  1. jordcoe

    jordcoe Member

    I'm getting a milltek cat back fitted in the next few weeks to my 2.0T
    Just wondering what everybody that has decat has been doing with this.
    looking to go full decat soon after I've got the cat back fitted, so thats a bigger downpipe and decat pipe.

    I'm aware of the milltek option from awesome and also the pipewerx option... but I'm thinking they are a tad bit expensive with the milltek being £400ish.

    are you just paying for the name with this or is it actually worth forking out for the milltek decat?

    the only other option i know of is to get one custom made, which i've been quoted £120 from a place near where I live, think they use powerflow systems. anybody had experience with powerflow?

    oh yeah lastly, I know that it won't go through an MOT with full decat but I know a few 'nice' garages haha
  2. chris.vincent3

    chris.vincent3 Own a BMW now, HOWEVER I still own VCDS! VCDS Map User

    Have you tried Jetex? Think they're slightly cheaper.

    Also, powerflow systems from my experience have been very good, but ive heard mixed opinions on them.
  3. jordcoe

    jordcoe Member

    seen a jetex one for around £350 i think...

    i've seen a lot of mixed reviews from powerflow but for the price I think i'll go with them, I think you get a lifetime warranty with them as well!

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