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BIGG!! Project Planned, Thoughts & Advice Please.

A4apple Mar 20, 2010

  1. A4apple

    A4apple B4banana

    Iv finnaly got most things together now kinda and am ready to get to work on this beast by the end of April, soo as I'm going along I'd thought it would be wise for me to seek some advice and thoughts about things I could improve on??

    Well I'll list what I'm planning on doing on a 2007 Black 2.0T FSI S Line!! and the things I currently have purchased or haven't.

    1. - Ko4 Turbo Upgrade (in process of purchase)
    2. - APR Fuel Pump (purchased)
    3. - ITG G60 Intake (purchased)
    4. - AWE Intercooler (purchased)
    5. - Miltek Exhaust (awaiting delivery)
    6. - Revo Stage 2 (on completion)
    7. - Eibach 40mm Coil' Over springs (not to sure over)
    8. - RS4 Blacked Out Grill with LED Lights (were to puchase)
    9. - Carbon Fibre Cupra R Lip (thinking about)
    10. - DTM Carbon Fibre Exhaust Valance (thinking about)
    11. - Seat Leon Cupra R Break Upgrade (awaiting eBay bid)
    12. - Dump Valve
    13. - RS4 Sway Bars.
    Thoughts please.

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