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Big Turbo Tuning- nuts and bolts unwinding - Stage8 solution

Discussion in 'VAGCHECK' started by Wak-VAGCHECK, Oct 7, 2011.


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    Feb 2, 2007
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    For information:- if you have some experience of BT conversions and the potential for aftermarket hardware to not be as reliable as a factory fit setup You'll understand where I am coming from.

    This issue may only effect a few and may only effect a few setups but when we found this we figured it could help a few people out.

    The problem is the nuts and bolts unwinding causing leaking gaskets and headaches for owners later down the line.

    Solution 1 - High Temperature Threadlock or Studlock
    This can work fine but For some setups however you may still have issues as the heat cycles take their toll.

    Solution 2 - Lockwire
    Can work well but is fiddly to install.

    Solution 3 - NordLocks
    Products - Nord-Lock

    Solution 4 - K-Nuts
    http://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/FASTE ... index.html
    Hi-Temp versions for manifold and turbo applications.

    Solution 5 - if you could tighten a nut and leave the spanner attached while you carry on holding it closed and then remain strapped into the engine bay holding the spanner.

    This would hurt and not look pretty, however, STAGE 8 have a solution that can do just this.


    With a unique retainer design and circlip, you can manipulate the retainer, make small modifications and get a solution that should fit your application and it will allow you to mechanically lock a nut against a surface as if a spanner was still on it holding it in position


    Below is an an application on a Garrett turbo to keep bolts and nuts in place with a sandwich plate adding to the stresses, applications like this for manifolds and turbo installs are where the primary focus is for these products.

    With a sandwich plate setup causing additional material expansion this setup has been plagued with loosening nuts/bolts and so the Stage8 solution is being trialled out.

    FYI as this is still under trial only we are only showing the system and how it works, we cant say its worked yet but all signs are very promising and it may still be an option for you to consider if you are having issues of this nature.

    We'll update this thread when we have had some more driving time against the car.


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