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BIG problem with DSG Gearbox

Wolfie Dec 22, 2008

  1. Wolfie

    Wolfie New Member

    I recently bought a 2004 3.2 convertible TT, Approx 55k on the clock, after a couple of weeks of driving a had a small problem with it jumping out of reverse gear, mainly when i was reversing up a hill, but when the throttle was gently applied it would reverse OK. After about 5 weeks the reverse problem got worse and eventually got stuck in my works car park, even with very low revs it kept popping out, time to get it fixed. Another problem i had was the rev counter fluctuating quite wildly expecially after i had put my foot down hard to overtake, the revs would go up and then suddenly drop off and flick back to normal, no real power loss, but a bit unerving. After doing a bit of research found out the car had been into Audi a few months earlier and they said it needed a new gear box. They wanted another £150 to check that was still the case!

    After them telling me it would be 2 weeks before they could plug it in and check and then in theory another 5 week wait and a £4000 plus bill, it ended up with a gearbox specialist instead, they stripped it rebuilt it (they appear very good at the work) however, it will not start now. There seems to be a problem with when the gearbox is plugged in it is not talking to the car and the car will not start (the car has been started manually with the gearbox not attached). So far the car has been with the gearbox company for 7 weeks now, it has been at a electronic specialist and audi have plugged it in, but audi just say there is a problem and do not know what it is.

    The electronic expert thinks it is the Mechatron unit, but the gearbox specialists want to check everything else out as they gave me a fixed price to to do the work and it was about the cost of the unit. Also my electornics guy has a second hand unit, but there is some confusion whether this is keyed to the car it was orginally in, or whether you can put a second hand unit in. This unit has been tried and it still will not start.

    Anyone got any thoughts or has anyone had the same problem?

    I love the TT and dsg gearbox and was thinking about buying a TTS next year, but after this experience not so sure, the gearbox guys say these gearboxes are only good for around 70K miles?


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