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Big jump from A1 to S3

ivicyrusivi Sep 23, 2013

  1. ivicyrusivi

    ivicyrusivi Active Member

    Just placed my order through DTD :D - big step up from my baby 1.6tdi A1

    AUDI A3 HATCHBACK S3 TFSI Quattro 3dr S Tronic

    Crystal - Panther black
    Technology pack - high
    LED headlights
    Comfort pack
    Audi magnetic ride
    Interior light pack
    Hill hold assist
    Privacy glass
    Electric adjustable/heated/folding door mirrors
    Extended interior elements mono.pur
    18 inch 5 twin spoke star design partly anthracite polished alloy wheels
    Tyre pressure monitor

    Was a tuff decision between the MR and super sport seats (i wanted both but budget doesn't allow). Someone tell me that the sports seats are rubbish please :) PLEASE

    I was considering taking out Audi Complete, but i've read that it doesn't include 5yr warrantee anymore? is this true? It's weird that some places still say it's included
  2. RossR

    RossR Active Member

    Wow. Quite a spec and as you say a big jump. Can't comment on the seats or mag ride but in sure others can.

    Did you test drive the S3?
  3. ivicyrusivi

    ivicyrusivi Active Member

    I had set a budget and stuck to it - so hard to do lol

    My A1 has been perfect for just over 2 years... not 1 issue, I will miss her

    Yes, i test drove it a couple of weekends back (West London Audi). Very quick, comfy and love the s-tronic up grunts and down blips - great fun :) - gutted i forgot to take pics, i was to busy enjoying it

    They had a estoril blue SB there too, but I don't think they were allowed to bring it out, it was tucked away in their garage
  4. paullowther

    paullowther Well-Known Member

    Almost identical to my spec mate, good choices. Glad to see another panther black boy on here too, I was starting to feel lonely! I also placed mine through DTD!
  5. Toadoftoadhall

    Toadoftoadhall Active Member

    Good spec indeed - bet you cannot wait!

    Sport seats would have edged out Mag ride in my case.

    So another recommend for DTD, have you got to go far to collect? What delivery date have you been given - March ?
    I have test drives next week but anticipate ordering after that and will have to look at DTD in detail.
  6. Cumbrian_bob

    Cumbrian_bob Member

    I didnt get a chance to test drive an S3 but having sat in couple of different types of A3 the standard of trim is that bit smarter than the A1, which I am moving up from. Little bits like the full leather chair with seat adjustment for leg length, electorin hand brake, pop up screen and really little things like the quality of the glove box.

    I really love my A1, such a fun car to drive but I am really looking forward to the S3. 2 seconds quicker a little bit bigger and a couple of extra touches in the cab. Still dont know why the S3 doesnt have interior led lights as standard :think:.
  7. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Nice spec, i would of chosen MR over the super sport seats aswell.

    Btw, i've come from an A1 185 BE which i had for 2 years, and all the A3's are such a step up from the A1, the build quality does make the A1 look very inferior now.
  8. ivicyrusivi

    ivicyrusivi Active Member

    Tbh i'm suprised not many seem to go for it. It's a richer black imo, but with the nice flecks when the suns out :)

    Yup, can't wait! Well it's early days to officially recommend, but so far i've spoken to them a few times and so far they've been great. Waiting to hear from the dealer today, but they told DTD - estimated delivery time of end of Jan.

    Ahh you had the 185? Bit quicker than my 1.6tdi :) - but yes the quality of the a3/s3 is quite a step up! I'm not to keen on electric hand brakes tbh, but it's the little touches that make it a nicer place to be

    About the leather though... they're full leather seats, but the two panels that go from shoulder to waist are velvety to touch, not sure if that is actually leather or not, maybe someone else knows?

    The way i see it - I drove the s3 with standard s3 seats, and they are very comfy, and still quite supportive. The biggest reason i'd want them is the looks - that quilted leather in front and back looks really nice.

    Oh and IF (which i doubt) at a later date i do change my mind... well i can retrofit the seats a lot easier then MR :)
  9. Snake Pliskin

    Snake Pliskin Well-Known Member Supporter Team Floret Silver Audi RS3

    Having had mag ride on my TTS for 3 years it is a gimmick IMO.
    In sport mode it is unusable on UK roads - it is rock hard firm.
    On a race track it would be perfect ... but I never take my cars on track !
    Even in standard (default) mode it is very hard but acceptable.
    It was standard on the TTS so a no cost option which was fine, but I would not pay for it.
    I would be more than happy with regular sports suspension.

    On the other hand, I absolutely love the S3 Super Sports Seats and they would be top of my options list.
    They look superb and really lift the interior and give it an extra sporty look, rather than the standard seats which are the same as in the A3 S line.
  10. ivicyrusivi

    ivicyrusivi Active Member

    That's interesting, as i've read that the MR on comfort is supposed to be slightly softer than the standard suspension? Maybe it's different on the a3/s3 as opposed to the TT?

    Your making me want to break my budget lol... maybe if i can get the dealer to knock off some more :D
  11. Snake Pliskin

    Snake Pliskin Well-Known Member Supporter Team Floret Silver Audi RS3

    I would defo stretch to the super sports seats if you can mate.
  12. ivicyrusivi

    ivicyrusivi Active Member

    Looks like im going to spring for the seats lol DAMN IT. Really wanted to see them, but no dealers have em :(

    Does it affect the room in the back (hatchback)? I've heard it restricts entry?


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