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BIG HELP Required - A4 B7 Concert - RNS-E Upgrade, How To & Info...!

Indie_DSG Mar 31, 2011

  1. Indie_DSG

    Indie_DSG Member

    Hi All,

    I'm looking at getting a A4 B7 Wagon which currently has a Concert Double Din Stereo.

    How hard is it to swap out for a RNS-E Sat NAV Unit?
    The car has a BOSE System in it too, what kind of harness link will I need?
    Also, if I wanted to attach an additional Amp / Sub Unit and Phone Out for an Ipod converter how is that done?

    I'm really stuck with this and need the info..

    Links, advise, source greatfully accepted ;)
  2. bdavbdav

    bdavbdav Member

    Search for RNS-E retrofit - theres a giant guide on doing it around here somewhere.

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