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  1. sam80quattro

    sam80quattro Member

    first up.
    to fit audi 80/90/coupe
    brembo boxster calipers
    ecs tuning 330mm 2 piece rotors
    caliper carriers

    comparison with standards

    discs are about knackered to be honest, theres at least 1 decent crack on the drivers side aswell as a score mark, they are 10 bolt rotors with 195mm pcd if i remember right, pads were new when i fitted them, not sure of the make of them. 1 bleed nipple had been bottomed out before i bought them as the seat isn't there for the nipple to seal against (they lad i bought them off had replaced all the nipples for new 1s so i thought nothing of it :beat:, so i had a bleed nipple welded up so that once screwed in it sealed fine, i left an easy bleed attached for about 15hours and had no leaks or weaping what so ever, also the bells were originally for an s3/tt so they are 5x100mm but i had them redrilled to inlcude 4x108mm too so if this is your idea of the end of the world these are not for you, they have slowed me from 150mph plenty of times :thumbs: obviously on a airstrip :hide:
    these are still currently on my car which i am using daily :hehe:

    the carriers alone stand me quite a bit and so im after £450 for this full setup minus brake hoses, no offers just yet, thanks

    2nd set of brakes
    will fit passat/a4/a6/s2 and 80/90/coupe with discs redrilled
    tarox 6 pots
    new pads.. no makes..
    2 piece discs 305mmx21mm.. (i'll double check width of both sets as im not 100% sure)
    braided hoses (no banjo bolts though)

    these fit straight on to my 90 perfectly apart from the stud pattern of the discs, so again can be redrilled to fit 4 stud or will fit s2's aslong as they have the same offset discs as b3 90s which im pretty sure they do.. please check for yourself to be sure


    located in newcastle upon tyne
    postage is not a problem, just ask.

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