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BHP torque whats the max you can get out of ko4 turbo

S3 GEORGE Jan 3, 2009

  1. S3 GEORGE


    Hi guys and girls

    What's the most BHP and torque your can get out of a ko4?

    This is open to mappers and tuners too

    I have herd you can get 300 BHP out of a 1.8t 20v with a k04 is this true?

    whats is possible?

  2. 1animal1

    1animal1 The Clar!! it mouves!!! VCDS Map User

    best reading star performance testing at the top of the forum...Glen spent thousands testing components for their attributes....as far as im aware he managed the most out of any S3 KO4 (true figures)...these are posted on the testing thread too
  3. S3 Paul

    S3 Paul Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    Without reading up on it im sure i was told that a ko4 will realy strugle to to make a true 300bhp. The standard manifold is a poor design too. so maybe with a free flow equi-length manifold all the usual bolt on goodies you might be able to see near 300. i strugled so went for a hybrid turbo , I got 311bhp with that mated to a cat back miltek exhaust. i have since fitted a 3 inch down pipe and decat section so if the feel im getting from the car translates on the rollers i might now have a wee bit more.
    Fingers crossed !

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