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Best way to upgrade handling?

bansheeboyo Nov 26, 2009

  1. bansheeboyo

    bansheeboyo Member

    righty chaps the hybrid k04 aint happenin till atleast feb since sum company is taking there sweet ass time with the highflow manifold .
    will do my handling first
    what are your thoughts?arbs suspension what not
    what should i get ?
    and where would be the best place to get it from
    cheers scott
  2. bansheeboyo

    bansheeboyo Member

  3. VeVeX

    VeVeX Member

    Best to stick with proven brands like Bilstein, Eibach, KW or H&R etc.
  4. ZippoA3

    ZippoA3 New Member

    I would recomend Koni!.
  5. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    I would tend to agree,never heard of K-Sport
  6. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    Bilstein B8 dampers...
    H&R springs...
    Adjustable tie bars...
    Aggressive geometry settings...
    Add sensibe ARBs if you like - Neuspeed would still be my choice.

    Fit it, set it up, and forget it...just drive the damn thing. Hard.
    Job done.

    You don't need 'coilies' - invariably they just ruin the ride and handling anyway.

    You don't need adjustable dampers if the dampers are properly valved from the off - unless you think you can do better than Bilstein?

    You DO need adjustable rear tie bars to give your rear tyres a fighting change and to get as much from the chassis as possible.

    With ARBs - the front doesn't need to be as big as on a R32 as you don't have that boat anchor hanging over the front axle...and the rear doesn't need to be too huge either...it's 4WD - you want to be able to use it. Just fit some with a rearward bias.

    Set it up with plenty of negative camber at the front...

    And drive it.

    Maybe not as good for the pub todger-fencing / name dropping competition...but about as good as it gets where getting from A to B as fast as possible is concerned.

    That lot turns the S3 from under-damped, understeering slug, into one of the most effective point to point cars I've ever driven.

    You won't need a 'Performance' Haldex controller either...all that does is help stop understeer by trying to induce oversteer...with the set-up above you won't have understeer...so the standard Haldex controller wotks just fine...road or track.

  7. DPM

    DPM Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    As Glen says, a proven and very popular choice is the Bilstein B8 dampers, H&R springs, tie bars and then various different choices for the ARBs.

    Another option if you didn't want to spend as much is the KW springs and shocks kits or if you wanted to go down the coilover route AP or Weitec.

    Give me a shout if you'd like any prices.

    Damian @ DPM Performance
  8. S3 Paul

    S3 Paul Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    I fitted koni coilovers,
    Not because of the name, Because i needed adjustablity as a result of a bad crash ive got a bad back so i needed to start soft and see how stiff i could go,
    I drive it day to day on about half adjustment but turn it up for track days , As said rear adjustable tie bars are needed not just to stop it scrubbing the hell out of the rear tyres once the car is sitting lower,
    Ive toyed with fitting an r32 rear antiroll bar but... i havent been in any with uprated ARB yet,
    I also looked at koni FRD or whatever they are dampers as they are said to be good??

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