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Best vehicle you have driven.

TFSI Apr 27, 2008

  1. TFSI

    TFSI Born to Fish

    Mine takes me back about 25 years whilst i was working in a truck manufacturers repair shop as a mechanic.

    We use to look after and support a race truck for Silkolene at Belper, Derby.

    We did all the mods and repairs on the truck which resulted in quite a bit of settling in new pistons which had to be replaced every other month due to thermal cracks.

    Spec = ERF E14 Tractor Unit, Cummins 14 litre producing 1000 hp at the drive wheels according to our dyno, no exhaust just 8 foot of straight 6 inch pipe, water cooled air brakes and 9 speed gearbox with low range locked out.

    Do-nutting was easy till you could not see for tyre smoke and black exhaust smoke the noise was awesome.

    Remember one evening on the M6 after doing some work on it which required a road test !!!! flashing a BMW at 85 in the fast lane, the guy did a double take in his mirror and just pulled over as we howled past with one hell of a din. The damn thing was capable of 120 mph and it got there pretty quick as well.

    Drove it a few times and only gave it the gun in a straight line or very wide open spaces cos as you can imagine a 6 ton truck with that sort of performance was a tad of a handful.

    Every time i climbed from the cab i would be shaking and it took a good few minutes to chill down again.

    Whats your fave vehicle ???????

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