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Best type of MAF and UK suppliers?

cluelessgoon Oct 28, 2006

  1. cluelessgoon

    cluelessgoon V6 TDI

    Evening all,

    What is the best type of MAF to buy for the 2.5 TDi (1998) A4, Bosch or Pierburg? Do you even get a choice?

    Where is the best place to obtain one? Looking at GSF it's an exchange part £90 with £20 off for the old part. I'd rather it was performance oriented and long lived if that is what the choices come down to...

  2. vw754

    vw754 vorsprung Durch Technik

    The portland group.
    i brought of these with 12 month guarantee for 29.00 pounds!
    e-bay mate,been on car for 4 months and brill!:yes:
  3. Nessy

    Nessy VW + Audi mad

    Haven't got any info on where to get one for the V6 engine but I bought a Pierburg one for my 4 cyl TDI from a German Ebayer and car runs better (more flexible in higher gears at lower speeds) with the Pierburg MAF than it ever did with the original Bosch (and that Bosch one was only 6 months old).
  4. cluelessgoon

    cluelessgoon V6 TDI

    Cheers for the recommendations. I eventually got one from GSF though. It was a Bosch unit, cost £70 and has made a huge difference to my power hole problem and lack of low down torque. The car now pulls from 30 to God-only-knows-how-fast in 5th. Also fitted a K&N filter finally :)

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