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best start off mods

evilbow Mar 16, 2009

  1. evilbow

    evilbow Member

    just purchased a 96 a3 1.8i non turbo:crying:
    wondering whats best to start of with it has been lowered by 30 all round has standard 16's but looking into engine mods exhaust etc first before wheels, someties when i'm driving it on motorways around 70-80 it sounds like it could do with having another gear to move into, is this norm? anyway filter kits exhausts etc advice more than welcome as this is my first audi a3 cheers in advance:yellowrs4:
  2. KarenCaren

    KarenCaren Member

    You could let a mechanic check on that problem with the gear. I think the first mod to do is improving the handling getting good tires, since its lowered maybe you need a good suspension to back it up.

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