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Best power gains exhaust for a A3 Turbo

M44 DUB Dec 29, 2006

  1. M44 DUB

    M44 DUB Member

    Who makes the best exhaust for the best power gains? Does anyone know if you can get Group N exhausts for audi's? Had one on my old 106 and got 13.6bhp from it.

    Who all makes exhausts for A3's?
  2. Pete69zx

    Pete69zx Guest

    Miltek make very good exhausts for the A3/S3 (i used to run one on my A3 1.8T Sport).

    I changed it as i wanted a little more noise from it, so i went single box stainless with an upswept letterbox tailpipe.

    Sorry i have no idea about much more with regards to exhausts on the A3/S3.

    Good luck.
  3. Tallpaul

    Tallpaul Member

    Powers gains are all from changing the downpipe and CAT on the 2wd 1.8T. Milltek are good, but jetex and blueflame also do full turbo back systems too.

    Gains won't be massive but they're big enough for the butt dyno to register. A full turbo back milltek system wouldn't give much change from £700 though.

    A remap will cost a lot less and easily give 10 - 20% more power and cost a whole lot less.

    No group N exhaust for the 1.8T as they ain't ever been rallied as far as i know?

    where you on 106rallye.co.uk then? i was on there for a while when i had 106xs as a mule for the journey to work. that scorpion group N is a flippin' awful exhaust, great gains but what a dog :)
  4. concoursneil

    concoursneil Member

  5. M44 DUB

    M44 DUB Member

    Yeah mate i was, loved that GTi and the power the exhaust gave was unreal. Wanting something along those lines again, but with a 4.5 outward rolled exhaust. Anyway for £225 for a full system wasn't a bad price either.

    I'll check out that site and see if they can sort me out with something simillar

    The car will get mapped once all is fitted
  6. PocketRocket

    PocketRocket Member

    Best exhaust for a turbo is no exhaust :icon_thumright:
    The more you open it, more power you gain. The only con its the sound, I like my car to be quiet. Thats why I installed a cutout valve just before the cat. When closed I have a standard exhaust(well, just a 2.5" DP), when opened it sounds as hell but it gives me about 2 lenghts(2 cars difference) in a 1/4 mile race. It also scares people :arco:

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