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best place to get a n75j from

ALPINE Jun 2, 2008


    ALPINE Yes its diesel, now cry u lost

    as said... were would all you lot buy 1 from... there on ebay but but but...

    audi wants a morgage for 1, whats the difference from a flebay valve and a audi valve?


    EDIT: i have just found this... i have hurd of a n75h b4 but forgot about them as (tbh) as i never see you lot speak of them. have a read and tell me if this sounds right to you.

    P.S if i seem obsessed with boost/n75 choice, its because i am!! lol i want boost on demand not when the audi says i can have it (normally about 4200 rpm)


    I just wanted to post this to add to the database. I received my N75H (edit) valve (ECS Racing Valve) that I purchased from a fellow Vortex'r (ab8349 - Thanks man ! [​IMG] ) I installed it this afternoon and tested a little on the way to work. I own a 03 GTI 5 speed with a CAI, Neuspeed springs, and a nice Autometer boost gauge in a column pod. I watched the boost gauge very closely to see if there was an improvement. Here are my results:

    1) Boost comes on quicker from a dead halt, this gave me a more positive feel as I pulled out from a stop and the car did not bog as it usually does (normal driving – not heavy footed). This by far would be reason enough for me to buy this valve.
    2) Boost is now at least 2psi higher throughout the rpm range – My avg boost was about 10psi with spikes occurring between 12-14. Now my avg boost is about 12 with spikes greater than 16.
    3) The car feels much smoother as I shift gears. As far as hp gain I couldn’t tell you but the butt dyno says there is just a little more there than before. In 5th gear there is a lot more pull than there was before. I can be in 5th about 60mph and have an even greater pull to pass with.
    4) I’m not sure this is really related to the install of the valve but I drove all the way to work without one single grinding of the gears. The syncro’s seem to be working even better than before and shifting is so smooth I can hardly tell if I actually engaged the gear or not. This probably has nothing to do with the valve but honest to god the car doesn’t grind the gears anymore. (Knocks on wood) Well that is about it for my experiences. Like I said I did many searches for the N75 and didn’t really come up with much as far as what people had experienced after installing the valve. So I thought I’d drop in my 2 pennies worth. Peace.

  2. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    I have a "j" valve you can try for £20 posted

    ALPINE Yes its diesel, now cry u lost


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