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Best place to buy an A3

djoblong Oct 21, 2004

  1. djoblong

    djoblong Member

    Hi All

    Just bought an A3 Sportback through the broker Drive the Deal (www.drivethedeal.com). What do you think of this deal?

    A3 Sportsback 2.0 Turbo
    Ebony Black pearlescent paint
    Alcantara black leather
    BOSE stereo upgrade
    Polished Aluminium roof rails

    £22,447.75 including VAT on road

    These guys are awesome - they use UK Audi main dealers, although I can't obviously tell you which one. Sufficed to say why do you care - £2,000 off the buy price if fine with me. I'm sure I couldn't have neogtiated that discount on my own. I urge you to check these guys out - you can also completely configure your car on-line at their website.



    P.S. Don't get mine til January! Jesus H Christ - I'm gonna be gagging for it by then...
  2. Horchsense

    Horchsense Member

    A3 Sportback, 2.0 tdi manual, Ebony Black pearl, Leather/Alcantara, Medial alloy inserts, Light pack, Storage Pack, Ali roofbars, Rear acoustic parking, Concert Bose, 6 changer, 5 star Alloys, Front arm rest, £21,430, full UK warranty, Local main dealer. Not sure what intitial difference between 2.00T (which I thought wasn't available yet?) and 2.00tdi price is though???
    PS Yes it is and about £1600 - sounds good to me...

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