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Best place to buy a turbo? And not breaking the bank..

Weechris90 Oct 7, 2011

  1. Weechris90

    Weechris90 Member

    Turbo went at the weekend and not sure whether its worth getting it recon'd or buy a new one? Wheres the best place to get one?

  2. S3Alex

    S3Alex Rarely neutral Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi S3 DSG

    There are quite a few options depending on what you want.....Turbo Dynamics will sell you new ones,and may be able to fix your current one,as would Turbo Technics.
  3. daver555

    daver555 Member

    You'll find that most turbo specialists and prices are based on an exchange basis where you buy new and give them your old dead one. Personally I wouldn't scrimp on a new turbo as it's a bit of a false economy in the longterm. If your only planning on keeping the car for a few more years then it's justifiable but any longer then you'd best stick with a new branded item. Most will go for a hybrid unit but there is a cost to this option. At minimum I'd go for a direct replacement but with 360 degree roller/ball bearings instead of the usual journal bearing units. Journal bearing units are cheaper which is why in most cases these are what the car manufacturers use. However, journal units have a shorter lifespan when compared to roller units. As I say to all turbo owners when they ask, always warm up the engine/oil before giving it some and always let the engine/oil have a minute or 3 when you park up before switching off the engine. Hopefully most on here know all this but you'd be surprised how many don't.
  4. Adamantium

    Adamantium Member

    TD will sell you one.

    If you are trying to save moolah, you can have my old one for £150.

    I am fitting a hybrid turbo from TD.

    They give you £100 in core exchange anyway.

    I have only contemplated changing mine because it is whistling. I spoke with td who confirmed that whistling in my case is caused by a nick in one of the blades possibly due to previous debris getting through.

    The other type of whistling is caused by imbalance and rubbing of a blade on the walls of the chamber, this is accompanied by smoke out the back and is consistent with impending doom of the turbo!
  5. Weechris90

    Weechris90 Member

    Ok mate.. So pointless me buying that turbo if its about to go aswell? :(

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