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Best engine oil for S4?

s4mark Apr 3, 2013

  1. s4mark

    s4mark Member

    Just wondering what the best oil is to use in my 2003 s4? I've always used castrol magnatec in my other cars and just curious as to if others have a preferred brand that they feel is better. Car had a service by the previous owner 2000 miles ago but always like to have some handy. Its been serviced on the long life schedule since new if that makes any difference
  2. AlexGSi2000

    AlexGSi2000 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    The best you can afford!...
    Personally I would go for 5-40, stay away from Magnatec (its a hydrocracked mineral oil) and get a fully synthetic oil.
    I have used Fuchs Race Pro S in the past and can recommend it. - Fuchs Titan Supersyn, Shell Helix Ultra & Mobil 3000 are also good.
  3. rjm180

    rjm180 Active Member

    Fuchs Race Pro S in mine and has been for the last 4 changes.
  4. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    depnds on what kinda mileage you intend doing

    audi reccomend 0w30 for long life servicing (millers make a very very good 0w30)
    for normal motoring they reccomend 5w30 this is what i have used for last 7 years and havent had any trouble whatsoever (fuch titan fully synthetic)
    for higher temperature climates such as california they reccomend 5w40
  5. colinurquhart

    colinurquhart Member

    I'd take it off the long life service for the oil change and change it every 5-6k as the oil lubricates the chain and tensioners too so any good quality 5w-40 fully synthetic oil changed regularly will be fine. I would never say there's a best but the Fuchs oils seem to be popular on our V8's and that's what I have in mine. Once you've found an oil you like stick to it as these engines tend to use quite a bit of oil and its best to be topping it up with the same when required. Opie oils over on audisrs.com are a forum sponsor so you get 10% off with a forum discount code plus it's also a good forum to join too.

    There is a good YouTube video on how to do the oil change and is a good watch, shows a simple it is on these cars.
  6. s4mark

    s4mark Member

    thanks for all the relpies, I dont expect to do a lot of mileage as I commute by train to work now and only use the car at weekends hence being able to justify the s4. I too was thinking of taking it off the long life schedule and having the oil changed more frequently so will have a chat with the garage i use and see what they say

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