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best brake pads

mad max Sep 12, 2006

  1. mad max

    mad max sixth gear

    what are the best brake pads to put on a remapped s3 with factory set up brakes
  2. YX1010

    YX1010 YX1010

    260hp remap... hmm thats what you get for being in the UK... colder air temps.. better fuel..

    I like mintex racing - however they produce alot of brake dust and your foreever cleanin your wheels.

    EBC Redstuff is also very good, but wont last long.

    I personally user Quinten Hazel pads - they take along time to bed in (1000kms) but when they are they wont extremely well under all conditions.

    Do the pads, bed them in, then get at least front slotted rotors (Zimmerman is a good option and they work well for performance use and they are a good price)

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