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Best brake pads for my 07 salon 3.0TDi Quattro tip 233

MarkyM Mar 15, 2013

  1. MarkyM

    MarkyM Member

    Will need to get these done this year, in the past I've used:

    Hawk - Good
    Pagid - OEM
    EBC - Low dust but OEM standard performance
    Akebono - low dust and high performance

    These were all on my Jag XK8

    What would you recommend for a my Audi...did a search of the forum and found surprisingly little

    Also brake disc recommendations, grooved/dimpled etc?
  2. Gunner Bill

    Gunner Bill New Member

    I had this model before my present S6. Personally I would stick with OEM all the way!

    I thought I need better brakes and switched to Tarox drilled/grooved discs with OEM pads and they were noisey as hell! In hindsight there was nothing really wrong with my OEM discs but as I drove the car irregularly I mistook underused brake disc contamination for warping so changed them. What they really needed was buffing up a bit!

    If you really need new discs and want a better material consider a plane disc. Brembo I believe do a plane disc for this car.

    As far as brake pads go the Ferodo DS 2500 series I think are the best you could get, of course they may squeal a bit, not always just 'may'.
  3. Gavin0478

    Gavin0478 Active Member Team Daytona Team V8 VCDS Map User quattro Audi Q7 S-line owners group TDi

    I just used Genuine on mine and i cant say i can fault them.
  4. towcestervag

    towcestervag Member VCDS Map User

    jurid pads are good low cost
    performance friction/ferodo ds2500 good high cost
    disc wise i only fit jurid/brembo aftermarket or genuine
  5. MarkyM

    MarkyM Member

    Thanks for the replies guys, will stick to OEM pads then, should keep the cost down too, local VAG specialist only charges £40 an hour labour so won't be too expensive and may be able to do the lot in under an hour. May also get them to fit my mudflaps since they'll have the wheels off anyway! :O)
  6. gupsterg

    gupsterg Active Member

    I used PAGID all round pads & discs, DIY install... done over 10K miles on them no issues...
    As good or same as the genuine Audi ones they replaced...

    PAGID, MINTEX, TEXTAR, all the same company... TMC Friction ....

    Have a google some VAG vehicles have any of those plus a VAG stamp out of the factory...

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