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Best adaptor to use when powering two devices.

Jonesy Sep 14, 2006

  1. Jonesy

    Jonesy Member

    Hey dudes what cigarette lighter adaptors do you lot use for when using to devices at the same time I’ve had a look and they all look cheap and tacky, any decent ones out there?

    It’s because my ipod to Audi headunit adaptor doesn’t power my ipod as the wire goes straight into the headphone jack. I’m annoyed as I didn’t realise, this when i bought it, I don’t want to spend more and buy another.

    Or any other ways to charge the ipod?


  2. Sayre

    Sayre Member

    I installed a push button start where my cigg lighter is, so i bought a three way cigg ligheter and cut off the part where you plug it into a cigg lighter and hardwired it into my radio so it turns on and off with the car and mounted it under my dash. 1 for my radar detector 2. ipod and the third for my ipod or whatever i may need....

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