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Bentley splits on 8p s3

S3 syc Jan 22, 2013

  1. S3 syc

    S3 syc Active Member

    Just after a bit of advice will I be ok with 9x19 bentleys et 41 on my 8p s3 I'm being told the offset is wrong although I'm currently on Helios which are et45 or 46 but only 8.5 wide will the bentleys be much different figment wise
  2. BradHatton

    BradHatton Member

    If you run 225/35/19 you should be fine, go 215 if you want abit more stretch.

    I'm running the 5 spoke bentleys which are the same spec and they sit perfectly.
  3. garuf

    garuf Member

    Im running some 9x19 et 52 s6 wheels with 5mm spacers a little tucked with no issues, so like BradHatton said they will sit flush and perfect. I'd say your probably better going with 215/35/19 if you don't mind a bit of stretch.

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