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bent clutch fork symptoms

ben4866 Dec 2, 2012

  1. ben4866

    ben4866 Member

    I recently installed a solid flywheel conversion and clutch kit to my 1.8t as I was struggling to select gears and clutch had been slipping for ages so thought I would replace to lot, all seemed fine when done apart from a really low bite point on clutch. However I noticed when driving for a long time in traffic I would struggle to select gears and so I replaced the clutch master and slave cylinders.

    The problem now is when I press the clutch fully down I get a grinding noise and strong vibration through the pedal which seems as though the clutch fork is fouling the clutch and can't select gears as though the clutch isn't disengaging fully.

    Has anyone experienced a bent clutch fork on their 1.8t ?


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