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Bennsy's 270BHP S3

bennsy Feb 16, 2014

  1. bennsy

    bennsy Dooshbag

    Iv Been an audi owner for the past 2 years now. Started my driving career with a 1988 Austin City 1000cc;


    For the first couple months it was the love of my life, drove it in the rain, snow and sun, never missed a beat. But my 17 year old glazed eyes missed a few major things when i bought it, like 10 M.O.T failure items that could not have developed in a year.

    So i had to get rid, subjecting to a loss of £650, i sold her on.

    I needed something simple and reliable to enable me to commute to my new job, so i was sold a standard Peugeot 106 1.1XN by a friend and it stood me well to the day i sold her on.

    Like most french car owners, i became used to the boring, simple, no thrills drive everyday of the week. Untill i discovered the only name in German Automotive Perfection, Audi. I remember seeing one **** passed me, and thinking that i had to find out for myself what they were like. Some a few weekends later, i found myself behind the wheel of one out on a test drive in weymouth. I loved every minute of it, so much that the next weekend i parted company with the largest amount of money i had ever held in my hand, and i took her home!


    It was christmas come early, and the biggest wake up call id ever had moving from a 1.1 Peugeot to a 1.9TDI Sport Packaged A3.

    For a year i drove her to japfest, i drag raced her and beat a 1.8 astra SRI, i put a surfboard on her and took her to oceanfest;


    It was a great year, and a big wake up call to what i could get with my money. I joined Audi Sport a while ago now and couldnt help noticing the S3 Group. I was hooked and wanted a peice of the action, and some more horsepower along the way. So i took a big leap and drove up to bristol to view the next best thing. Like the Previous audi, the following weekend i made the same drive to bristol to pick her up, and drove back to the Mrs's smiling every time the turbo spooled up! Enough talking, here she is, more pics to follow:


    Shes a 2000 S3 1.8t with 85000, new engine at 55k which i assume was a cambelt issue, and a Turner Race Developments Stage 1 Remap running at 270BHP.

    More Info To Follow.
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  2. bennsy

    bennsy Dooshbag


    Not been a great start to my S3 ownership..

    Had a puncture travelling southbound on the M5 on way home from work. Heard a massive thud and felt the steering fight to the left. Pulled over to find the front nearside wheel steaming, and a great gash in the sidewall. had a small scare aswell when removing the locking wheel nut, the key wasn't in the boot kit where it should be, but luckily i found it in the glove box!

    Got home in the end, and inspected the damage...

    some gash ther bey!!

    Oh well, on a brighter note, these beaut's arrived in the post....


    all the led's the car needs, reallly effective cheap mod. Not without its issues tho. I had to remove the battery so i could bend the plastic box out of the way to remove the headlight cover, real nightmare in the end!

    Problem is the xenon connector, it sticks out to much and wont let the cover move away with the battery still in place.


    Turned into a right ball ache! Have fitted all the LEDs now, will post pics up tomorrow.
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