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before i buy a new turbo ..advice needed

audifreak Mar 2, 2012

  1. audifreak

    audifreak New Member

    yes it sounds like the police are chasing me ..kicks in at 1000 rpm ..has went into limp mode a few times when hitting 70mph ..high boost pressure fault came up on code reader ..i srtipped off the o/s intercooler pipe as i see oil at all the pipe juctions ..car has only done 70000 miles ...oil change before i bought it 3 months ago ....any other ideas ....
  2. jayorme

    jayorme Member

    Is your car a 2.0TDi? I bought mine in January and had the same police siren sound. I use the motorway to work everyday and was fine up to 80mph but the If I went over for more then a few seconds it went into Limp Mode :-(

    Purchased a re-con/exchange unit from Ebay and got an Audi Independent Garage to change it and its now sorted... No siren and happliy goes over 80mph! Sorry for the sad news but wasn't to bad.. £282 for the re-con turbo and fitting was £232 with oil change.. Least I know everythings good now

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