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Before buying an A5 need some advices...

navygm Jun 12, 2014

  1. navygm

    navygm New Member


    I'm new to Audi and never had any audi...in these couple of months I am interested in buying an A5 2nd hand from UK (as I'm not a UK resident) and need some advice before I choose..
    So my preference is 2010 or 2011, S-Line 170Ps and unsure if automatic or manual. My wife always drove automatics and I'm concerned in buying automatic....

    Any advice on automatic gearbox? are they reliable? what gearbox would be a multitronic or s-tronic? how would you recognize it? I noticed that automatic are bit more expensive also...

    any help would be appreciated
  2. navygm

    navygm New Member

    No replies at all??
  3. Shrek5

    Shrek5 Well-Known Member

    Apologies, did see this first time around but forgot to reply!

    The obvious thing is to go for a test drive. I've driven S-tronic in the 3.0 TDi and current S5 and it's a very good gearbox, not perfect, but very good. The Multitronic seems to have a bit of a bad reputation, particularly from a reliability standpoint, although perhaps newer ones are better - not sure that '10 or '11 is new enough though.

    Not sure at a glance how to tell the difference, think that the multitronic has 8 virtual ratios rather than the s-tronic's 7 actual gears. Also I think if it is a quattro (look for it embossed inside the car on the passenger side plus badges) is s-tronic, non-quattro FWD is multitronic.

    I've only ever driven quattro and IMHO well worth it. If you aren't fussed and don't drive hard/accelerate hard then FWD might well be fine. I assume at 170ps it's the 2.0TDi is that correct? If so I believe it to be a generally good engine with little complaints over anything specific that I'm aware of.

    Hope that helps, any questions fire away.
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  4. aprilia dude

    aprilia dude Active Member

    I have just bought a 177 multitronic and it's more than enuff power wise in the real world and the gearbox is fantastic ...can't be doin with the manual boxes ..!

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