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Beeping from A4 Avant rear right hand corner

Chrisavant Feb 21, 2011

  1. Chrisavant

    Chrisavant Member

    My Audi Avant 2.5 TDi 2003 has rently developed beeping in long bursts, which are not stopped by opening or closing central locking, ignition on or off etc. Sound appears to be coming from rear right hand corner behind boot side trim hatch. May be from an "amplifier" which is housed there - I guess this is maybe an aerial amplifier. Is this the same fault as discussed in previous threads relating to dud rechargable batteries in the alarm system, does anyone know, and if so, how difficult is it to get at the batteries to replace, please? Someone described this for an A3 and it sounded pretty inaccessible, but maybe better on A4? They also advised batteries were available from Maplin at sensible (ie non-Audi) prices. Any assistance much appreciated. Chrisavant.
  2. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

  3. Woorlord

    Woorlord shifting to Hyperspace... . VCDS Map User

    How to fix it for the fraction of the cost of a new siren unit from Audi!
    Pictures are for a Saloon - but principle the same for the Avant and Alarm should be easier to get to.

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