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been away but I'm back now :)

Aspen Aug 17, 2010

  1. Aspen

    Aspen Member VCDS Map User

    I have been to the dark side, and in April I bought a Rangerover Sport.

    Ouch, anyway, Audi have let me swap it for a nice 08 S5!

    Looking foreword to picking that up on the 30th.

    I have a question, how easy is it to fit cruse control? is it just the stalk, and clicking the optuion in VCDS?

    Also, my S3 used to get 20mpg, and I had the S5 on an extended test drive, which include a lot of 70 / 80 MPH and town stop start. And it was getting 26mpg.

    I can not work this out, Is it due to the size of the engine not needing to work as hard, or am I going mad and seeing things???

    Anyone have any experience here?

    Ta Aspen.
  2. Mo-S3

    Mo-S3 Member

    hi, welcome to the S5 club. i fitted cruise control to my S5 myself and is easy to do. apart from the stalk you will also need a steering cowl. vcds does the rest.
    i get about 21-22mog according to the dis and thats purely stop start town driving only, on the longer motorway im sure its achievable.
  3. Aspen

    Aspen Member VCDS Map User

    ah cool thanks for the reply.

    I have worked out, using my sado excell spreadsheet and normal unleaded vs super unleaded the following:

    This car hates regular unleaded fuel,

    regular - town driving = 17.5mpg
    regular - motorway = 32mpg
    combined - 25mpg

    super unleaded - town = 21.9mpg
    super unleaded - motorway = 34.8mpg
    combined = 28.3mpg

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